A proprietary platform for drug discovery, development, and approval.

PharmetRx™ sharply reduces the time, risks, and cost of drug discovery, preclinical testing, and clinical development by unifying all chemical and biological properties of a compound into a unique molecular fingerprint. Using PharmetRx™ fingerprints, we can repurpose, reformulate, or redesign existing drug molecules to create new and improved medicines.

Sustained Dermal Release™

Our highly stable, non-toxic, high capacity micro-carrier technology.

Sustained Dermal Release™ (SDR™) is a proprietary method for topical application of one or more drugs in combination to the epidermis. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is then released in a controlled manner into the dermal layers. This produces higher levels of the active ingredient in the skin without systemic exposure.


Rational design of new lead compounds from proprietary chemical libraries.

This technology is a computationally-driven approach using PharmetRx™ fingerprints to design and synthesize focused de-risked new drug leads. These new compounds are optimized to reduce the liabilities of toxicity and sub-optimal DMPK characteristics. This enables the development of personalized medicines.